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Recently I applied to become a Design Team Member for Heartfelt Creations and even though I didn’t tell anyone (I was too afraid it would give me bad luck), I was accepted and will be one of the semifinalists. OMG it’s so exciting and I really think I could do such a wonderful job creating things with their products.

Design Team Semifinalists: Today we are pleased to announce the Heartfelt Creations Design Team Semifinalists. Choosing from such great talent and diversified submissions is very difficult and we appreciate all the applicants that participated in the design team call. Without further ado, here are the semifinalists: Carole Wright, Cheryl Morgan, Cheryl Peterie, Darla Rants, Debbie Brownmiller, Di Garling, Eugenia Redmond, Joyce Erb, Judy Wallace, Lisa McGushion, Lutgart Van den Bergh, Pavitra Chanchal, Sarah Miller, Tracy Crane, Uma Didwania, Valeri Darling

So they are asking people to vote for their top 5 favs and I would love to have you take a look at my work here on my Blog and if you think I’m worthy of this amazing recognition, please go here and vote .. VOTE HERE

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